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Well I know I've already updated..

But i claim this to be my day so :P.

Watching the Rick Mercer Report and he just did a bit about 16 year olds and voting. All very relevant and awesome, but my favourite part was the end.

"It's called 'getting them while they're young'. The cigarette companies have it figured out, the beer companies do, so why can't the government of Canada?"
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top o'th'mornin' to ye lads!

or erm, not.
Well happy st. pattys.
So, as per the schedule, it is my day to update this place.

some tidbits of interest:
~There was a pants party today. I wore awesome pants, ari wore awesome pants, mairen wore awesome pants.

And i am not frightened of dying, any time will do, i don't mind. why should i be frightened of dying? there's no reason for it, you've got to go sometime. i never said i was frightened of dying.

sorry about that, i just really love this song and felt the need to include this lyrical tidbit.
(honestly i could write an entire post on floyd but that's another day)

So to continue with the concept of creating a post that's worthy of communal interest and not just the kind of nonsense i'd post on my own journal...I pose the question of "how much is too much" when it comes to emotional issues.

For you see, my boyfriend's in, shall we say, a bit of a funk. I worry, but not too much because he just gets like this sometimes and i am there for him and he is himself again. I completely understand it. But i was talking with some of our mutual friends, not specifically about that, but they did ask me what was up with him. I said that he was probably just a bit down but nothing too big, but they all seemed to be really frustrated with him. they said they're sick of this sort of thing, how he gets grumpy, and they're sick of how he treats them, and that eventually they just wont forgive him., i don't think he's that bad when he's like this . I've dealt with people who are much worse and prone to more random and violent outbursts, so him being grouchy, anti-social...meh, it doesn't bother me. But! I want your opinions.

What's your opinion on people who experience fairly bad depressive episodes every now and again, your opinion on the way people react to them, and your opinion on their actions because of these sorts of things? Also, how much can you handle from a person who is prone to random anti-socialness before you draw a line and essentially say, "enough is enough"?

(hope you like this guys, i really dig the concept of what we're doing with the comm)
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Plans? hells yes.

(comments on

We should do more stuff with Deity Complex. Like, have an actual day we update on. We could make it Tuesday along with the Lost Boys stuff. Could work? :D

or everyone could have their own day where we're required to post certain things, say, an interesting photo from the past week, or an anecdote, or a psychological problem they've been troubled with, or a riddle...something like that. just as long as we all make sure to update with meaningful content that we're sure we'll all like :P

and no memes unless we made them or something

Ooooh, awesome. Sounds perfect. So yeah, everyone chooses a day. I think I want Wednesday. Not sure why. I just have a soft spot of Wednesday.

no way! I TOTALLY saw you as having wednesday! Ah, well, there's one of those psychic moments for me. ;P

I would enjoy having monday.


totally multiple people can be on a day though
sweet i'm organising lady
(this is probably going to fail but oh well ;P)
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